Tortellini Salad

So nice to be on vacation. Have some time to sit back and enjoy Food Network this morning. Just caught Michael Chiarello’s Easy Entertaining. Love his recipes..always full of flavor with fresh ingredients.

This time he made a salad with cheese tortellini. He created a simple dressing with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, shallots, herbs ( tarragon, basil and italian parsley) and fresh diced tomatoes.

The salad was plated on a large oval platter with fresh sliced mozarella rounds lining the outside of the plate. The tortellini were lightly tossed with the dressing, then placed in the center of the mozarella lined plate. He topped it with fresh arugula leaves and some grated parmesan reggiano…looks absolutely delicious!! This is going in to my recipe folder.

Update – tried it, it’s fabulous – I will make this over and over again.  A great dish for company or a potluck!

Get the recipe here  Tortellini Salad


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