Ground Turkey Chili

Sunday is usually my cooking day.  I like to cook a few meals so I have something healthy to take to work for lunches.  During the week I surf the internet and some of my favorite food blogs for recipes and inspiration. I use a spreadsheet to create my meal plan for the week – ideally, breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 healthy snacks.

Today I’m going to make Chili with Ground Turkey and also Green Pea Soup  – I’m going to add some diced turkey hamto make it a meal. Finally, some egg muffins so I’ll have a quick breakfast in the morning. Once done and cooled, I’ll put them in plastic containers in the fridge and take them to work for my meals.  I’ll eat the same meals a couple of times a week – much easier and I really don’t get bored with the food anyhow. 

Tonite’s dinner will be steak and salad.  I’ll grill the steak and saute some tomatoes, onions and baby portabello shrooms to top the steak.. Salad will be simple – torn romaine lettuce with diced roma tomatoes and topped with my favorite vinaigrette – Garlic Expressions. It’s made with apple cider vinegar and whole garlic cloves – no preservatives. I’ll add a few shavings of some parmesanio reggiano for added flavor.

Currently I’m on a quest to lose 10-15 lbs. Started walking a half and hour each day on my lunch break. Fortunately living in South Florida permits outdoor activity this time of year 🙂  I managed to lose a pound last week – not too bad, but I’m impatient and the jeans are too damn tight.  So, I’ve decided to limit my carbs ala South Beach for a couple of weeks to see if I can jump start my weight loss.  I already eat fairly healthy foods, so giving up whole grains and fruit is going to be difficult.

Protein packed salads are going to be a big part of this weeks lunch menu.  Lettuce, tomato and shredded cheese for the base.  Grilled chicken breast, seasoned ground turkey( I use cumin and Penzey’s Epazote spice along with sauteed onion and garlic) or diced ham will supply the protein.  Normally, I would have sliced turkey breast on whole wheat bread for lunch, but since I’m eliminating the grains, these salads will be a nice, filling alternative.


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