Grocery Shopping and Cooking for One

As a single person who is a foodie, I often find I waste a lot of food – I get excited about recipes and food combinations and buy more than I can consume before the food goes bad.   Or I get in the mood for something ( like broccoli slaw) that I won’t eat every day.  A bag of broccoli slaw will feed at least 6! Guess how much of that gets thrown out  😦

Just today I threw out feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, carrots, celery, cooked and seasoned ground turkey, yogurt, lunchmeat, half a bag of fresh mized veggies that got browned and strawberries. A better plan would have been to do some freezing – feta can be frozen, then thawed and used as crumbles in a salad.  I could have frozen the ground turkey in small portions after cooking and used as needed.  Carrots and celery could have been used to make stock – I have lots of  chicken parts and stock keeps in the freezer for quite a while. Same thing with the veggies.  I should have taken the mozz to work with me and added it to my daily salad, or used for a snack with crackers or tomaotes. As for the yogurt, I need to eat some everyday or resort to buying individual cartons ( more expensive) vs the 16 oz tub

I vowed to do better, so here is what I purchased grocery wise and my meal plan for this week:

1 roasted chicken – on sale for 4.99

fresh Italian whole grain bread

Applegate organic ham slices

tub of greek yogurt

organic salad mix

egg beaters

shredded cheese mix

packaged sliced apples

sliced pineapple

cubed cantelope

pint of cherry tomatoes


I eat most of my meals at work, so I pack my goodies for the week on Sunday nite and take them to work on Monday, storing everything in the fridge in the breakroom.  ( If you don’t have a  fridge at work, you could use an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack and pack daily instead of for the entire week)


Chicken cut into quarters – 2 quarters in the freezer, the other 2 will be for meals this week.

Frozen green peas on hand – making a batch of soup – most will be frozen in plastic containers.   Recipe here

Breakfast every day ( I don’t get tired of it) is egg beaters and shredded cheese scrambled in the microwave at work. I add 2 slices of whole grain toast and berries or other fruit.

Snacks – apples and sliced cheddar cheese, yogurt with berries and walnuts, crackers and cheese or fresh peanut butter, or apples with fresh peanut butter.

Lunch – green salad with grape tomatoes, diced apple, sliced strawberries, chopped walnuts, shredded cheese and balsamic viniagrette.  Accompanied by a ham sandwich or chicken and Green Giant seasoned steamer vegetables.

I’m making green peas soup using on hand frozen peas – I’ll freeze individual portions.  I’ll have the soup with a sandwich or salad for dinner or lunch.


So that’s it.  I have chicken and soup in the  freezer for later meals.  I’ll also freeze some of the sliced lunchmeat as I won’t eat all of it during the week. I stock up on the Green Giant Steamer vegetables when they are on sale, as the fresh go bad to quickly.  Some left over celery will be diced for some stock.