Boca Raton Green Market

My first trip to the Green Market this year.  In Florida, the markets don’t open until October.  Got myself a pretty nice haul on Satuday:

I think my favorite was the fresh eggs -first time I’ve seen them at the market. Love the whole farm to table concept – still bits of grass and dirt on them ( and maybe chicken poop?? ) lol.  I did some research and found out you are not supposed to wash them.  They are protected with a “bloom” that keeps bacteria out.  Just crack them open when ready to use, being careful not to get any bits of the shell in your dish.

I scrambled 2 this morning – delicious.  I had some heavy cream on hand, so I added about 2 T of that to my eggs and scrambled them.  Bright yellow and fluffy.

As for the rest of the haul, here’s what the plans are:

Acorn squash with wild rice stuffing
Roasted the carrots with some other veggies to make vegetable stock, used in Italian Wedding Soup and Vegetable soup.
Asparagus – chopped a few stalks and added to my veggie soup.  I’ll roast the rest and top with parmesan cheese. I’ll save a few spears for my tomato/mozzarella stack.
Apples – diced a half and used in the wild rice stuffing.  The other half will be sliced and used for my Apple Cheddar Frittata.  The other one will be a snack.
Oranges – those will go to work with me as part of my lunch.
Romaine and cuke – salad -what else 🙂
Mozzarella cheese – I’ll make tomato, cheese and asparagus stacks – then drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

The cheese guy also makes butter from the mozzarella whey – it looked delicious.  A larg tub was $3.  I passed because it was too much butter for me. Although he did say I could freeze it.  I ended up getting some heavy cream and making my own butter in a smaller portion.

More posts to come – I’ll add the recipes for the dishes I mentioned in this post.


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