Your " Work" Pantry – Healthy Snacks

Keep these on hand in a drawer or box in your office and you won’t have to resort to fast food or expensive lunch delivery on a day you don’t have time to pack a lunch.

Natural peanut butter
Tuna, salmon or chicken in foil pouches
Low sodium soups
Healthy crackers
Dried fruit – (mix with nuts protein powder and oatmeal, assuming you have a microwave to cook the oatmeal)
Protein powder
Laughing Cow cheese
Applesauce cups
Rice cakes ( top with peanut butter or Laughing Cow cheese)
Apples – they will keep for a few days.  Slice and dip in peanut butter or top with Laughing Cow cheese.
Healthy protein bars – check the labels carefully for sugars
Canned olives ( dice them up and make a tapenade to spread on crackers)  You could also mix this with the cheese and tuna.
Pita Crisps ( top with PB and sliced apple)
Mini packs of mustard and mayo
English muffins ( toast and top with PB)
Canned white beans ( rinse and mix with tuna, salmon or chicken) for a quick salad,
Can of chick peas ( you can mash them, add some olives and use for a topping on whole grain crackers)


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