Next Week’s Clean Eating Meal Plan

This is a great meal plan for me.  I need to do more of these. Very little prep time and economical too.  3 meals and 2 snacks per day.
I love my DIY “Lunchables” – much healthier than the store bought processed versions.  I combine fruit, cheese, deli meat, veggies and crackers. You can come up with so many healthy variations!  I don’t have a Bento box – I use cupcake liners in my containers to separate the goodies.
I slice and shred the roast chicken for sandwiches and salads.  Plenty of it, so I’ll freeze some of it.  And of course freeze the carcass for homemade chicken stock:)

Here’s the shopping list ( you may already have a lot of these items in your pantry or fridge)

Eggs or Egg product
Chunk cheese
Crumbled gorgonzola
Mozzarella balls
Baby carrots
Grape tomatoes
Romaine lettuce
Bag of fresh spinach
Premade roasted chicken
Nut butter
Whole grain bread
Whole grain English muffins
Tabouli ( prepared from the deli section)
Crackers – whole grain – my favorite Crunchmaster Multi Seed Crackers or Triscuit
Packaged frozen beef and broccoli dinner – healthy version.  Less than $5 and enough for 2 meals
Nitrate free sliced turkey ( Applegate Farms is a good brand – not too expensive)
Turkey sausage

Scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage
Egg white and whole grain waffle sandwich with sliced turkey and cheese.  Cantaloupe cubes
Scrambled eggs with cheese,
Egg white and whole grain muffin sandwich and cheese.  Cantaloupe cubes
Egg beaters with spinach, shredded cheddar and halved grape tomatoes.  Slice toasted Ezekiel bread with almond butter, strawberries
Tabouli with crackers and cheese
 HB egg, cheese, strawberries, crackers
Sliced apple with moz balls and  whole grain crackers
Caprese salad – moz balls with sliced grape tomatoes, basil and a tad of balsamic vinaigrette
Sliced apple with slice of cheddar cheese and whole grain crackers
Beef with broccoli
Chicken dijon sandwich with veggies and hummus
Turkey sandwich with veggies/dip and fruit
Turkey sandwich, salad and apple
Beef with broccoli
Celery and peanut butter
Apples slices with cheese and crackers
Carrots with Greek veggie dip
Celery sticks with peanut butter
Apple slices with cheese and crackers
Grapes, strawberries, cheese, sliced turkey, crackers, carrots with hummus
Chicken Chef salad with crackers and hummus
Grapes, strawberries, cheese, sliced turkey, crackers, carrots with hummus
Salad in a bag – spinach, grapes, nuts, goronzola cheese, grape tomatoes, apple, chicken
Salad with hardboiled eggs

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