My $30 A Week Clean Eating Grocery Challenge

My last post was about eating clean on a budget.  I realized I didn’t do so well shopping this weekend – way overspent.  I already had quite a bit of food on hand. I probably have enough food in my fridge and freezer to last almost a month.  So I’ve decided that for the next few weeks I will buy only the perishables that I need and limit myself to $30 per week – less than half of what I usually spend.

I was surfing the net and found lots of posts on eating clean on a budget and was amazed that a family of three can eat well on the same amount that I spend for myself! Eye opener.

Here’s what I have in the freezer:

1 bag of beef and broccoli ( 2 meals)
Package of 8 boneless, skinless chicken breast cutlets
2 14 oz. bags of turkey meatballs
12 turkey burger patties
4 large chicken breasts
Tuna fillet
2 boxes of whole grain waffles
12 packages of assorted frozen veggies
3 egg white patties
1/2 bag of sweet potato fries
bag of frozen mixed fruit
Package of cracked black pepper turkey deli meat ( Hormel – no nitrates or antibiotics)
Container of frozen sweet corn ( bought corn on the cob on sale, cooked and sliced from the cob)
Large baggie of homemade chicken stock
Package of pasta sauce
Loaf of whole grain bread
8 pack of French hamburger buns ( for the turkey burgers)
3 hoagie rolls – getting a little old – will use for seasoned bread crumbs

In the pantry:

5 boxes of assorted pasta
2 large jars of pasta sauce
Success brown rice
Green tea bags
can of diced tomatoes
2 packages crackers
Bag of split peas
Bran cereal
Wild rice
Can of enchilada sauce
Olive oil
Worcestershire sauce

In the fridge:

Chunk cheese
Egg Beaters
6 Hard cooked eggs
Romaine lettuce
Green pepper
Baby carrots
Cooked chicken
Loaf of whole grain bread
Cocktail pumpernickel bread
Corn tortillas
Various condiments
Chicken broth
Homemade black bean soup
Mozzarella balls

3 apples
1 orange
2 bananas
Natural peanut butter
Almond butter
Large sweet potato
Loaf of baguette bread

I’ve already planned my meals for the week, and will barely put a dent in all of this, except for the fruit and produce.  We’ll see what happens next week – I’ll post my shopping list, $$ spent and meal plan for the week.


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