This Week’s Shopping List and Menu

Just finished checking the weekly ad for Publix, checked out what I had on hand, and found a few recipes. I’ve scoped out what’s on sale and planned accordingly.  I put together my shopping list and also a list of meals for the week.  I’m limiting starchy carbs for a while as an experiment since I’ve been bloated a lot lately.  Upping the protein intake – per an article in Prevention, I should be eating 60-70 grams per day.  I haven’t been eating near enough.  With a little planning, it’s not difficult to eat healthy on a budget.

Here’s what I have on hand

Ground turkey
Chicken breast
Homemade chicken stock
Sliced turkey
Baby swiss slices
Cheddar slices
Crumbled gouda
Homemade honey Dijon dressing

Here are the meals and snacks I have planned:

Smoothies with protein powder and berries
Oatmeal with protein powder and berries
Scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese
Turkey meatball muffins
Chopped chicken salad with honey Dijon dressing
Green bean and tomato salad
Veggies with hummus
Apples with peanut butter
Sliced tomatoes with swiss
Chicken and veggie kabobs ( marinate in Italian dressing)
DIY lunchable with sliced turkey, cheese and assorted berries and veggies
Cottage cheese with blueberries and strawberries
Hard boiled eggs with Dijon hummus
Lettuce sandwiches with sliced turkey and veggies

Green Bean and Tomato Salad

Now for the shopping list

Carton of egg beaters
Blueberries and strawberries ( on sale)
2 organic apples
Fresh green beans  ( 2 for 1)
Can of protein powder
Roma tomato
Grape tomatoes
Red onion
Romaine lettuce
Bag of baby carrots
Green pepper
Red wine vinegar
Italian dressing mix
Cottage cheese

The Prep – easy peasy

Make 4 turkey meatball muffins ( mix 1/2 lb ground turkey with egg, breadcrumbs, diced onion and celery, tad of Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper.  Shape into 4 balls and bake at 425 until internal temp is 165 degrees – about 30-40 mins)
Poach chicken breast in broth for the salad and kabobs
Chop veggies for snacks and salads
Make 2-3 hard boiled eggs
Slice tomato and store in fridge
Cut up cantaloupe
Make green bean and tomato salad – toss beans, sliced grape tomatoes and sliced onion with red wine vinegar and olive oil. Season with fresh ground pepper


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